Website improved

Or at least this is my hope ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve made a few changes in the website, in an attempt to make it simpler, more user friendly and more accessible from friends around the world. Not tons of things, but hopefully a few details that should make readers’ life easier. First, I’ve changed the theme. Actually, I think I liked the previous one better aesthetically; but couldn’t get rid of the useless double lateral columns, which were just empty and took out reading space. This one just has one widget column, which is more than enough, I think. Second, I completed the translation of all my science pages to English, including the teaching pages. Third, I’ve provided direct connections to pdfs for all my papers, and also added a link to the publisher’s webpage. This move should both make your life easier and protect myself a bit more against copyright violations. There’s surely something more I could do to bring this website further; but time is precious (especially these hectic days packed with deadlines!), and I hope this will be enough for a little while. Enjoy!

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