Finding my research

My research friends and colleagues, just wanted to let you know that I’ve finally made a few decisions about my virtual social life as a researcher. I’ve been continuously receiving requests for copies of papers through the funniest social media (most notably, Academia), and it was always a real effort to try to keep up with that, especially in consideration of the effort that I make already to keep uploading on this website everything (really everything…) that I produce, from the top journal papers to the last of the local talks. One on the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my mentors (and particularly from Kathy Rastle) is that time is the most precious thing on our toolbag; I’m trying to maximise my efficiency on socials too.

So, I’ve shut down my Academia account (and every other account that I’ve made up in the past, probably after a huge binge…), and made an official bid to myself that I will keep everything up to date on this website, mirroring any relevant news on Facebook and Twitter. This should be more than enough for anyone to just google my name and find anything about my work; and should also guarantee a reasonable amount of advertising. Also, I think that Google Scholar does a rather good job in keeping track of our work; so this would also be a reasonably safe gateway to my research life, although I won’t make much effort to keep it in shape myself.

I hope this won’t disappoint too many people; but I’m sure any researcher must appreciate how difficult it is to keep up with our workload, and how important is to avoid putting more effort in promoting our work than in actually carrying it out.

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